Another NEIS Success Story

Matt proves you can have your cake and eat it too!!


A passion for art and autonomy led Matthew Saville to start his own production company PAVLOVA.

After hearing about the NEIS program though a friend, Matt applied and was accepted onto the pre-NEIS training, whereupon he successfully graduated in 2017.

Matt credits learning how to write a business plan as one of the most valuable pieces of information learnt during the program.

     Matthew and business partner Rachael

    Matthew and business partner Rachael

Starting his business has been challenging, with inconsistent income and longs hours! Matt said that he overcame some of the hurdles by “Saving some capital to then start paying a consistent wage so that regardless of project frequency I am paid the same amount each week.

Learning to switch my phone off, and turning off notifications on my phone so I can allocate dedicated times as to when I will and won’t work.”

Offering services in direction, production of video and photography content, Pavlova (an unofficial partnership with his previous producer) has moved along in leaps and bounds.

Matt said that his “special moment of pride for me was being one of only five in Australia to be nominated for a ‘J Award’ in 2017 for ‘Australian Music Video of The Year’ by Triple J. We flew over to Sydney and met some amazing artists and film makers. Even though we didn’t win this set me up with an extensive network of these key people in the industry that would never have happened otherwise! This is already resulting in new enquiries and business.

For those interested here is the link to the music video ‘Jack River - Fool's Gold’ (Official Video):

Matts production company produced the video, and he also directed it.

One piece of advice Matt gave to others thinking about starting their own business was to “Make a decision, even if it is the wrong one, a decision is moving forward, and you can just make another one if you get something wrong the first time.”


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