Another NEIS Success Story

A sound healing journey!

Here’s How You Can Make an Idea a Business Reality

Have you ever had an idea that you know to be true, deep within your core?

Many budding entrepreneurs have this deep knowing, but the challenge is to take this idea-kernel and turn it into a profitable business. That’s where programs like NEIS can help with, transforming your idea into a workable venture. Steven North had an idea back in May 2016…to help people find solace and healing from music.

Music is a thread that weaves through every part of our lives, but Steven had a bigger vision to harness its effect on the brain. He understood how music changed the brain and saw the opportunity this offered in healing and transforming grief and suffering. The question was, how could this be come a viable business?

Enter the NEIS program…

Steven joined NEIS in May and the vision started to become a reality. With support for Business Mentors and experts at Business Foundations he went from a few workshops to connecting with industry leaders around the world, opening doors, opportunities and developing new networks that he could never have imagined.

And so the Heart Activation Music by Steven North was born…

Steven North.jpg

As his confidence and knowledge grew he saw that connecting to influencers within his niche was essential so that he could reach more people. By reaching out and connecting he met Jacquie and Patricia from the Conscious Living Magazine. As organisers of the Perth Conscious Living Expo they listened to the work Steven was doing with music and understood it’s potential.

Doors opened…

Jacqui and Patricia gave Steven a discount for a booth, and asked him to be a keynote speaker on all three days of the expo! Although daunting at first, Steven’s passion and commitment to reach those who needed his help was such that he pushed through any doubts to deliver his keynote to 300 plus people.

Attendance at his workshops skyrocketed…

Prior to Conscious Living Expo, Steve was running fortnightly workshops. Since the Expo he runs three workshops each week, helping people release old habits and patterns in the form of retraining the brain. Moving forward, he’s exploring the idea of running a retreat in January, starting a men’s support group to help men with their expression and collaborating with other professionals and musicians to bring this vision to life.

But like any small business in start-up phase, there have been learnings along the way. One of the biggest “a-Ha” moments was learning how to be proactive with the way that he got his music and services out to his target market. You see, pricing in the music industry is controlled by the digital outlets, e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music etc. Steven discovered that it was better to market the music and sales through his own website because when people purchase directly they make a personal connection with him.

Steven wasn’t always embraced with open arms by other industry professional either! There was also a lot of resistance from the Health and Wellness industry and it took time to raise awareness and educate practitioners how it is beneficial music can be in their field.

Persistence paid off though, and today Steven is being approached by other practitioners in the field as they incorporate his music into their works. This didn’t happen by accident though, Steven put in the hard yards including emailing 30+ different magazines, both Australian and international, inviting the editors and journalists to experience the benefits of my music. In business, you have to be ready for rejection before you break through to success.

There’s a snowball effect with success…

Once Steven had put the word out there, he was overwhelmed by the large volumes of support he received from suppliers, clients, business mentors, friends and family. His presence has grown internationally too, leading to the creation of alliances with many leading professionals whom are also promoting his work on their websites and to their customers.

Business is full of highs and lows, but Steven knows that when you commit to a vision to change the lives of others, a few stumbling blocks aren’t going to stop you!

Check out Stevens website