The Daily Map

Creativity is something we're all born with—but many of us lose touch with it as we get older. The Daily Map is a step by step guide to living your best life. Business Owner Nirrimi Firebrace wants to help others make things happen in a world full of distraction, self-doubt and comparison.

Nirrimi creates a six-week course on organising your creative life, planning your days and reaching your goals.


What Motivated You To Enroll In The NEIS Program?

I have a few friends who have taken part and recommended it, like my friend Elle who is the music artist Woodes. (

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

I did the program online, which was really helpful for me because I could work from my studio and use any free time, I had to keep developing my course. When the program ended I committed myself fully to my business, and kept having mentoring meetings, which helped me step back and look at what I’d accomplished and where I could improve.

What Did You Gain By Enrolling In The NEIS Program?

It gave me the chance to devote more time and focus to the practical stuff that often gets pushed to the side in favor of the more intangible, creative stuff. It helped me take the entire process more seriously.

NEIS helped to support me so I could devote myself fully to my business and bring it to life.

Nirrimi is an inspirational young creative, photographer and writer. Where she has had photographs featured on billboards in Time Square and given talks on creativity to thousands of people across the world.

You can learn more about The Daily Map through their website, Instagram and blog, Fire & Joy.