Mocojambe Authentic Jamaican Sauces

Introducing Mocojambe Caribbean Queen…. The ultimate luxury sauce range. Business Owner Sam Dunbar has a sauce for every occasion, from mild aromatics to hot bold flavours. Handcrafted, gluten free, sugar free and vegan, made with traditional methods using local Aussie ingredients.

Based on a family recipe, Sam’s luxury sauces help families create delicious dinners and snacks.


What Motivated You To Enroll In The NEIS Program?

I had the desire to create a business with heart and integrity using family recipes.  NEIS has the expertise and support that I needed to navigate the business world.

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

My experience has been one of learning, success and mistakes. The program allows you to experience the positive and negative aspects of running a business with support.

What Did You Gain By Enrolling In The NEIS Program?

By enrolling in NEIS I learned to map out my journey and plan this is essential to reach any destination.  This is the first lesson that we had and I never forgot it.  The most valuable thing for me was meeting other entrepreneurs on the same journey, we are still in contact today.

Challenging yourself is healthy, NEIS taught me this. Business is about the people you meet and the fun you can have along the way. Financial success is only one part of the journey.

Mocojambe is a delicious range of Jamaican hot sauces with rich flavours in each creation. Sam is of Jamaican heritage herself and has captured the true essence of the Caribbean in each bottle.

You can learn more about Mocojambe Caribbean Queen through their Facebook page.