Flawless Housekeeping Services

Introducing Flawless Housekeeping Services! A residential cleaning service business with an aim to exceed expectations.

Business Owner Natalie Devenyns has been operating for approximately 10 months and is loving every minute of her personable eco-friendly service. She tailors to each and every client meeting their needs whilst standing out from the crowd of house cleaners.

 With a passion and determination for cleaning, Natalie wants to allow more time for her clients to focus on the more important things in life.


What Motivated You To Enrol In The NEIS Program?

After been made redundant from a corporate position, I was applying for jobs day after day and the thought of going back to the 10 hour days and non-paid weekend work was increasing my stress and anxiety.

For years I always wanted to start my own business and work for myself but I never knew what I wanted to do. After many discussions with friends and family they suggested I go into cleaning because I have always been quite fanatical about the appearance of my house and ensuring it was always clean.

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

When I started the program I was very unaware of the steps for starting and operating a business. The first day was very nerve racking however each day got easier and more enjoyable. The lecturer was outstanding and always able to provide great guidance whilst encouraging you to think outside the box.

By the end of the face to face training I felt confident in the next steps for my business.  

What did you gain by enrolling in the NEIS program?

When I started the program I had honestly no idea what I was in for. However, I have walked away feeling confident and fully in charge of my business and what outcomes I wanted. The main lesson I learnt is that I am capable and always try something new even if it scares you.  


Natalie takes pride in using all eco-friendly products and equipment. You can find Flawless Housekeeping Services through Facebook and Instagram. We wish Natalie all the best for her business!

Every time i meet a new person and they ask me what I do for my work, the NEIS program is always mentioned. I cannot praise the lecturer, staff and program I honestly wouldn’t be running and operating my own business without the continuous support and guidance.

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