Sun & Flower Studios

Introducing Sun & Flower Studios! A Fremantle based business with a love for crochet. Leah Vlatko provides handmade crochet items and workshops with love authenticity, and originality.

Her vision is to grow resilient and powerful communities through arts and creativity.

Leah creates handmade items to inspire the revival of making with love and care. Handmade craft supports movements such as craftivism and sustainability. The future of the project will use these themes and values to continue inspiring and connecting community.

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What Motivated You To Enrol In The NEIS Program?

I have always been creative and somewhat entrepreneurial. I used to charge my parents a steep 50 cents to come to a concert in the living room, featuring my brothers and I making a racket. I knew that I wanted a platform to share this creativity with others, I felt out of my depth in the world of business.

Buzzwords such as licensing, sole trader, GST, and business plan would evoke a flight or fight response, and financial planning and I did not get along at all.

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

The NEIS program provided a safe place for me to explore the logistics of starting a business, and somewhere to ask all my silly questions.

I was a NEIS member of the August 2017 Business Foundations pre-neis study cohort and commenced the NEIS program on November 30th, 2017.

What did you gain by enrolling in the NEIS program?

I was able to confidently create a business plan, be adequately prepared for unforeseen events and assess the outcomes I desired from running a business and how to achieve these goals.

I am grateful for the learning and mentoring during this time!

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Sun & Flower Studios is a resistant force against the empire of wasteful, poor-quality fashion made in unethical conditions. Inspired by the 'buy once, buy well' movement, Leah strives to make products that are not only long lasting and ethically sourced, but also beautiful.

The NEIS program provided me with the framework and support to ensure I was able to grow my creative business..

You can learn more about Sun & Flower Studios through their Website, Instagram or shop their collection here.

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