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CLP Advertising & Promotional Services provides affordable digital media advertising solutions from small to micro businesses throughout all of the southwest of Western Australia.

Business Owner Ellie Clare understands how small businesses face many obstacles in the digital space. If not used correctly, it can be ineffective with no return of investment. She wants to help small businesses who don’t have the digital knowledge or time to invest.

From graphic design, business cards, to social media – CLP Advertising & Promotional Services is a one stop shop for professional digital media work.

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What Motivated You To Enrol In The NEIS Program?

After being made redundant and being in a small town, I was unable to find stable employment. Whilst I was actively looking for my next job, I would assist my family and friends with their social media advertising and digital media.

It was then that the job agency who I was working with, suggested the possibility of starting my own business instead.

I was then accepted into the NEIS Program.

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

I found the Pre NEIS-Program to be truly eye opening and helpful. This program allowed me to set tasks easily and efficiently, as well as create a realistic plan to build my own business.  

The mentors did a wonderful job of keeping me on track, as well as providing vital advice along the way.

What did you gain by enrolling in the NEIS program?

Coming from a family where most own their own business, I was extremely appreciative to have a fresh set of eyes providing input and advice for my new business. 

I would never turn back to working for someone ever again! The knowledge I gained along the way is truly invaluable.

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Ellie completed the NEIS Program in May 2018. We wish her all the best for her new business venture.

I would never have gotten as far as I did without the NEIS Program.

You can find CLP Advertising & Promotional Services through their Website, Instagram and Facebook.  

Would you like to have a chat about your new business idea? Find out if you may be eligible to apply for New Business Assistance with NEIS.