A passion for art and autonomy led Business Owner Matt Sav to start his own production company, PAVLOVA.

After hearing about the NEIS program through a friend, Matt applied and was accepted onto the pre-NEIS training. He successfully graduated from NEIS in 2017, with his business idea ready for launch.

PAVLOVA, co-founded by Matt Sav and Rachael Karotkin in 2018, is a film production business providing production, direction and delivery of videos.

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What Motivated You To Enrol In The NEIS Program?

A friend had completed it and shared with me that it was a great way to get some help both financially and in the business training side of things.

I wanted to understand how to make my business idea viable, and NEIS seemed like a good place to start.

Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

At first, I was skeptical. I wondered if the course would be very good, but I quickly started getting a lot out of going over the business plans and how to create one. It was a lot of fun actually!

I really enjoyed the classes, especially seeing and hearing my peer’s business ideas and being surrounded by that infectious hopeful energy for the duration of the course.

What did you gain by enrolling in the NEIS program?

I gained vital knowledge in the setting up of a business, the different modes and structures it could take on, looking at marketing and competition, and delving into the financials which I initially dreaded.

I gained a confidence to pursue my business. It made me feel far more prepared than I would have been otherwise.

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For those interested here is the link to the short documentary ‘Quality Time’ that PAVLOVA produced and Matt directed. You can watch here.

NEIS was an amazing program to be a part of and gave me the support I needed to successfully start my own business.

You can find PAVLOVA through their Website and Instagram. We wish Matt all the best for his new business!

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