Belle James had worked as a makeup artist for just under 10 years. After using countless brushes and brands, she craved the opportunity to give women the chance to create a flawless makeup look without having to be a trained make up artist.

Having seen a gap in the market, Belle launched PRUSH. It launched in 2018, by selling the Seven Essentials Brush Pack. Which contains seven individual brushes for powder, blush, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, blending and eyeliner.

Belle was inspired to begin a business selling handmade make up brushes. For everyone from beauty professionals to makeup beginners, covering all your brush-bases in one pack. PRUSH – which was going to be the perfect brush.

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What Motivated You To Enrol In The NEIS Program?

I wanted to launch my business in the most professional way and NEIS luckily gave me this opportunity.

I enrolled myself in NEIS because I wanted to learn the most useful tools on how to successfully start my small business, and NEIS exceeded my expectations.


Explain Your Journey Through The NEIS Program?

From the class work to the mentoring was very professional and well thought out. The staff were lovely and had so much experience, which provided a realistic view on what it was like to run a small business.

Overall, I felt so fortunate to be part of the program and would highly recommend to anyone needing further guidance on launching their own product or service.


What did you gain by enrolling in the NEIS program?

NEIS was a fantastic course for many reasons. It was structured very well and as a result gave me the correct tools to create a business plan. I learnt very useful tips on how to manage accounting and marketing for my business, which have been extremely useful moving forward.

I highly recommend NEIS to anyone wishing to start a new business but don't know where to start. 

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Belle completed the NEIS program in 2016. Two years on, she still appreciates the benefits she gained from the program.

There has already been much interest in her new brand of brushes, with the local newspaper covering her business journey. 

NEIS was an amazing program to be a part of and gave me the support I needed to successfully start my own business.

You can learn more about PRUSH through their Website, Instagram and Facebook.

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