Are you working in your business or on your business?

Are your sales strategies still working effectively? Do you have your cash flow under control? Are your people sharing your vision? Do you feel like there are not enough hours in your day? Is your business growth where you want it to be?

If these statements resonate with you, you are not alone.

More than 1,300 Australian businesses over 25 years have grappled with these same questions, and they found the solutions through completing the Growth Owner and Manager Program.


What is the Growth Program?

It is a world-leading applied learning program, designed to build the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence in business leaders, to scale up and improve the overall operation of the business.

We give you the tools, resources, insight and support you need to make a change. We partner with you to transform your thinking, to bring about meaningful results that positively impact your business growth strategies.

Whatever your business goals – better work/life balance, increased revenue, improved cash flow or operational overhaul – we make it our mission to share with you the practical and achievable solutions that will allow you to gain fresh, new perspectives and develop a razor-sharp way of thinking.

From there, it’s all about putting everything learnt into practice… and we support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to work with other leading businesses to explore ideas, test strategies and accelerate progress in a unique and supportive environment?


Business Owner

Our Growth Owner Program provides the opportunity to step back and work on the business rather than in the business. A journey that will deliver real answers to the problems you face. Grow with 15-20 other business owners who are experiencing similar struggles.

Business Manager

The Growth Manager Program is tailored specifically for leaders within growing businesses. We give managers the skills and knowledge needed to accelerate a business’s success. Grow with 15-20 like-minded business leaders who are seeking real, practical solutions.  

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Our next Program commences:

Growth Owner – May 16, 2019

Growth Manager – June 14, 2019

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Free Information Growth Session - March 19, 2019

Growth Alumni Workshop - April 09, 2019

Frequently asked questions

+ I am too busy running my business. Why is Business Foundations' Growth Program worth my time and investment?

As the owner of a small business, every minute of every day counts and taking time out of your business is very difficult – we get that.

Attending the Growth Program is investing time in your business and in yourself. It gives you the chance to take time out to reflect on your business, learn the skills needed to grow strategically, and discover how to make the changes needed operationally. This leads to business improvements, increases in profitability and an improvement in the overall health of your business and you as the business owner.

You will spend time away from your business actively growing your business and learning new skills and developing action plans to implement.

+ Will confidential information about my business stay within the Program?

This is a natural concern for business owners and we ask all participants to respect privacy and uphold confidentiality.

We tailor our cohorts, you will not be in the same group as a direct competitor. This enables you to feel comfortable to be able to reveal information about the challenges you face as a business.

Business peers can problem-solve and come up with action plans to turn your business challenges into scale-up solutions.

+ Will I receive hands-on help?

Each participant will be matched with a business mentor and receive one-to-one mentoring to help embed learning and outcomes into your business.

We find the combination of in-class learning, peer-to-peer support and mentoring to be the most powerful combination for business owners to make the changes and implement growth.

+ Is the program academic?

The program is built on more than 25 years of knowledge of working with small business owners. The facilitators have real-world experience as small business owners. The program is developed based on what business owners tell us are your pain points – the things that keep you up at night.

There are no exams or complex readings, but the program is rigorous. We help you think through the challenges and issues facing your business in a methodical, detailed way. Most importantly, you get immediate, actionable outcomes rather than academic theories. The program is practical, engaging and hands-on.

+ Are there any pre-requisites to joining the program?

You are eligible as long as you are a small business owner and have an openness and willingness to learn and participate.

+ Does this program help me to network?

One of the important benefits of the program is being plugged into a network of about 20 like-minded small business people ready to exchange their ideas and experiences.

If you have a problem, there are bound to be other people in the room who have faced the same challenges. Once you have completed the program you will be connected into a powerful alumni of Perth's leading business owners to allow you to continue building your network.