Program Details

When a business’ mission, values and vision become clearer, when businesses understand who their ideal customers are and they have more clarity about who is necessary within the business, growth can happen.

The structure of the Growth Owner program is designed in a way to ensure that business owners take what they learn during training and apply it when they are back in the business. The program starts with an immersive three-day workshop that builds strong peer-to-peer bonds with the cohort of fellow business owners. It is then followed by nine full-day workshops, with each workshop holding a common theme of how to strategically plan for and practically implement scale within the business. These twelve enticing days of learning in the classroom are reinforced by five 1.5 hour group mentoring sessions and 10 hours of one-on-one mentoring.

Day 1

INTRODUCTION AND tools for personal growth

Brian Grindrod

Brian Grindrod

Induction to the Program and Mentoring

Tools for Personal Growth and Change

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership


Learning Outcomes

  • Have a clear understanding of the objectives and outcomes of both the Growth Program and Mentoring.

  • Understand the latest tools to grow your skills as a leader and grow your business.

  • Come away with an understanding of how to change Mindsets, Attitudes and Habits.

  • Understand the relationship between emotional intelligence, leadership and empathy.

  • A clearer understanding of yourself, your staff and your customer.

Day 2

business strategy

Lisa Reed

Lisa Reed

Business strategy and strategic planning concepts

Strategic review of your business and how to implement a new strategy

Techniques for actively shaping the strategic future of your business


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the many facets of leading strategic and transformative change.

  • Demystify business strategy and strategic planning concepts, introduce tool kits and explore case studies.

  • Understand how to make strategic choices that drive value creation and how to embed an innovative culture.

  • Be better equipped to facilitate and communicate the changes needed.

Day 3

Change Management

Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor

Align strategic goals with the organisational goals

Change management planning and removing potential obstacles to change

Develop the organisational culture - motivate and inspire your people


learning outcomes

  • Understand how to plan for change and how to align strategies.

  • Learn how to communicate your business strategy and plan to your people.

  • How to involve and empower key stakeholders in the change process.

  • How to deal with resistance to change – rapidly removing people obstacles to growth.

  • Learn how to develop your management capacity to effectively manage individuals and teams, projects and targets.

  • Inspire your people to a clear vision – employee motivation.

Day 4

finance basics, profit and cash flow

Carmelina Fiorentino

Carmelina Fiorentino

Financial statements and how to understand them - the basics

Cashflow & Profits

Improving Profitability

Improving Cashflow


learning outcomes

  • Learn how to read financial statements - what do they really tell you

  • Financial information sharing - how much to share with your management team

  • Understand Gross Margin and how to improve it

  • Know the difference between cashflow and profits

  • Prevent your business from ‘Growing Broke’

  • Understand the Working Capital cycle and how to improve it

  • Learn how to improve cashflow

  • Discover tools to improve profitability

  • Learn about your profit drivers and identify your unprofitable areas

Ratios – How healthy is your business

Dashboards and how to meet your business reporting needs

Risk management and how to protect your business

How to finance for business growth

Day 5

Financing Growth, ratios and risk management

Carmelina Fiorentino

Carmelina Fiorentino

learning outcomes

  • How to choose a good Accountant

  • Learn how to set and manage your business budget

  • Understand key business Ratios and how to monitor them

  • Dashboards - how to tailor them to meet your business reporting needs

  • Understand, mitigate and manage your business risks

  • Know what options are available for financing business growth

Principles of effective branding to build a remarkable brand

Harness your business personality to engage your ideal audience

Create a memorable customer journey to generate sales

Day 6

Brand Strategy and Business Personality

Cristina Londono

Cristina Londono

learning outcomes

  • Understand the foundational principles of a coherent and compelling brand.

  • Learn how to assess your brand’s messaging and align it to every aspect of your business.

  • Decode your brand’s personality and its impact on your customers.

  • Understand why your profit depends on the principles of an unforgettable customer experience.

  • Learn how your customer's habits, fears and desires hold the keys to developing winning offerings, and an unforgettable brand.

Match your products and services to your ideal customer

Effective tools to communicate to your customer - traditional and digital

Marketing strategic direction for your business

Day 7

Market Research and Marketing Strategy

Aaron Kanters

Aaron Kanters

learning outcomes

  • Understand the reality of your customer and why your customer comes first.

  • Learn how to develop a strategy and how to measure results.

  • Understand what marketing mediums are available and what information to communicate.

  • Understand traditional versus digital messaging.

  • Gain a better understanding of your market and how it affects your business.

  • Learn how to find and research your competition.

Practical sales strategies

Psychology of sales

Sales approach - product versus services

Day 8

Selling Essentials

Pete Walmsley

Pete Walmsley

learning outcomes

  • Understand the key steps in an effective sales process.

  • Learn the similarities and differences between selling a product versus selling a service.

  • Have a clear understanding of the psychology of selling and learn the practical tips in turning this understanding into your advantage.

  • Develop and expand your sales strategy - road maps, tools and targets.

  • Learn how to motivate and manage your sales team.

Business systems and how to use them

Enhance job satisfaction and customer satisfaction

Drive the quality of your products and boost your business efficiency

Day 9

Business Systems

Gudrun Gilles

Gudrun Gilles

learning outcomes

  • Recognise the impact of effective business systems.

  • Understand the strategies that facilitate a systematic matching approach between business systems and your business.

  • Learn how to apply the principles of ISO 9001:2016 in your business system.

  • Understand the components of business systems and develop a business system plan for your business.

Recruiting the right candidates and training and developing staff

Setting targets and inspiring performance

Difficult conversations and turning a negative situation into a positive outcome

Day 10

Employing People

Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to develop the appropriate level of structure for effective team performance.

  • Learn how to attract and select quality staff.

  • Understand how to monitor performance, develop staff and grow their skills.

  • Know how to coach staff onto higher levels.

  • Be better equipped with appraising, inspiring and supporting staff.

  • Proactively dealing with difficult staff and learning how to create a positive and constructive culture.

Day 11


Heike Fowler

Heike Fowler

Brad Ravenscroft

Brad Ravenscroft

Understand what it takes to successfully grow a business with energetic self, motivated staff and a healthy environment

Understand what it means to strategically plan your organisation’s wellbeing journey

Learn the effects of pressure and stress on business performance and how to lessen them

Learn simple yet effective daily techniques for health and wellbeing

learning outcomes

  • Learn the art of balance - achievement versus burnout.

  • Gain insight into the tools and strategies used to develop and maintain a healthy business environment.

  • Learn stretching techniques to increase productivity and promote wellness.

  • Understand the importance of adding movements into your day.

  • Understand how to handle stress and business pressures.

  • Learn how to use breathing techniques to approach stressful situations and manage stress.


Reflect on the course content and present how you will move forward in your business with strategic purpose

Graduation and Lunch

Day 12

Strategic review and graduation

Chris and Lennon, owners of WA Health Group, with Office Manager Fiona and Receptionist Sharon. Chris and Lennon completed our Growth Owner course together earlier this year and have seen phenomenal results!

Chris and Lennon, owners of WA Health Group, with Office Manager Fiona and Receptionist Sharon. Chris and Lennon completed our Growth Owner course together earlier this year and have seen phenomenal results!

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Our next Growth Owner course starts May 16, 2019 and our Growth Manager course starts June 14, 2019!

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