After completing Growth Manager I now feel more empowered and confident in managing my department. I can demonstrate at least three items of positive business growth. I know I’m not going to change everything in one night, but I have a plan I can see coming to fruition.
— Chris Rinaldi, Business Manager at Torque IT

Growth Manager


The Business Foundations Growth Manager Program focuses on the key skills required to manage all aspects of the business. The program is tailored specifically for leaders within growing businesses, because although you are not the owner of the business, we understand your level of commitment to the business and its success.

Growth Manager is designed to complement the Growth Owners program, giving managers the skills and tools they need to support the strategic plan of the business and to drive successful implementation on a daily basis. It helps managers align and coordinate strategic goals, with a focus on rising above the daily tasks and looking at the bigger picture.

Within a unique and supportive environment, the manager will work with other leading managers to explore ideas, test strategies and accelerate progress. Each session will see managers developing a clear action plan that can be immediately implemented in the business. 

Program Overview


Our Growth Facilitators, ranging from Business Advisors to Management Consultants, from Chartered Accountants to Industry Experts, hold extensive experience and background in the management and growth of business. These skilled individuals competently and passionately deliver on the Growth program, as they recognise the barriers and challenges faced by business owners every day.