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Our Growth Manager Program creates aspiring and future leaders. You want the very best for the business, and that means getting the best out of your people.


The Growth Manager Program

The Growth Manager Program was designed to complement the Growth Owner Program, so that managers can support the business owner and help drive organisational performance. The program shapes the manager into an exceptional business leader and allows them to focus on what drives success within their roles, teams and the business. They might not be the owner, but we understand their commitment to the business and its success.


Course Content

There are no exams or complex readings; the Growth Manager program is practical, engaging and hands on.

Course Facilitators

Our expert facilitators will teach the skills and tools needed to support the strategic goals of the business and successful implementation.



Our Growth Manager Program is presented at UWA’s IQX. An innovation, co-working and event space to supercharge your success.

Don’t just take our word for it… Hear from our Alumni.


After completing Growth Manager, I now feel more empowered and confident in managing my department. I can demonstrate at least three items of positive business growth. I know I’m not going to change everything in one night, but I have a plan I can see coming to fruition.

Chris Rinaldi, Torque IT


Since finishing the Program, I have now employed an office admin assistant to help with all the important urgent jobs of everyday business which has given me more time on business development including empowering and training my staff, creating processes and systems, developing new business ideas and of course more free time with my family. 

Simon Pawley, Sustainable Outdoors.


[The Program] has encouraged me to look at the culture of the business and has encouraged me to talk to other business owners… the three-day introduction workshops worked well together. It built group cohesiveness and was a great way to get into the program… It’s a great mix between individual work, sharing as a group and learning from others... Thanks for the challenge.

Shelena Serrano, Vekta Automation


Always having many light bulb moments to especially change the team levels…To empower potential managers…to look within the ranks before seeking other for management roles.

Kallen Hair, Vekta Automation


The Manager Program created a lot of self-reflection for me and changed the way I handle everyday situations within my workplace… and home environment. I learnt some useful practice tools to implement in my everyday life.

Benn Bowden, Cleveland Compressed Air Services


The Growth Manager Program gives you the opportunity to view your business and businesses structures from another perspective – it makes you observe from a high level and supports you to step out and look into the business rather than  getting caught up in the daily routine running of the business.

Ray Alberts, Independent Parts.

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Our next Program commences:

Growth Owner – May 16, 2019

Growth Manager – June 14, 2019


Free Information Growth Session - March 19, 2019

Growth Alumni Workshop - April 09, 2019

Frequently asked questions

+ I am too busy running my business. Why is Business Foundations' Growth Program worth my time and investment?

As the owner of a small business, every minute of every day counts and taking time out of your business is very difficult – we get that.

Attending the Growth Program is investing time in your business and in yourself. It gives you the chance to take time out to reflect on your business, learn the skills needed to grow strategically, and discover how to make the changes needed operationally. This leads to business improvements, increases in profitability and an improvement in the overall health of your business and you as the business owner.

You will spend time away from your business actively growing your business and learning new skills and developing action plans to implement.

+ Will confidential information about my business stay within the Program?

This is a natural concern for business owners and we ask all participants to respect privacy and uphold confidentiality.

We tailor our cohorts, you will not be in the same group as a direct competitor. This enables you to feel comfortable to be able to reveal information about the challenges you face as a business.

Business peers can problem-solve and come up with action plans to turn your business challenges into scale-up solutions.

+ Will I receive hands-on help?

Each participant will be matched with a business mentor and receive one-to-one mentoring to help embed learning and outcomes into your business.

We find the combination of in-class learning, peer-to-peer support and mentoring to be the most powerful combination for business owners to make the changes and implement growth.

+ Is the program academic?

The program is built on more than 25 years of knowledge of working with small business owners. The facilitators have real-world experience as small business owners. The program is developed based on what business owners tell us are your pain points – the things that keep you up at night.

There are no exams or complex readings, but the program is rigorous. We help you think through the challenges and issues facing your business in a methodical, detailed way. Most importantly, you get immediate, actionable outcomes rather than academic theories. The program is practical, engaging and hands-on.

+ Are there any pre-requisites to joining the program?

You are eligible as long as you are a small business owner and have an openness and willingness to learn and participate.

+ Does this program help me to network?

One of the important benefits of the program is being plugged into a network of about 20 like-minded small business people ready to exchange their ideas and experiences.

If you have a problem, there are bound to be other people in the room who have faced the same challenges. Once you have completed the program you will be connected into a powerful alumni of Perth's leading business owners to allow you to continue building your network.