The Entrepreneurs' Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative to boost business competitiveness and productivity. It provides industry expert advice and financial assistance to eligible small and medium size companies.


Getting expert advice can help you to improve your strategy and business capabilities, and pursue growth opportunities.

Our experienced government-funded Business Advisers will review your business operations and provide a report with strategies for improvement, covering topics such as operations, finance, sales, marketing and business models. They will then work with you to make them happen and support you to access up to $20,000 of matched funding to implement the recommendations.


Advice from experts with relevant private sector experience

Up to $20,000 to take advantage of growth opportunities (must match grant with cash)

Mentoring to help implement strategies


Business Management: three steps to success

1. We evaluate your business

Experienced Business Advisers review business operations, including business direction and strategy. The outcome of the review is an Evaluation Report that has business improvement suggestions. 

A skilled and expert Business Adviser will:

  • come to your business premises to gather information about your business

  • undertake further research and analyse the information off-site.


2. We build you a Business Action Plan

Your adviser prepares a tailored Business Evaluation Action Plan outlining strategies your business can take to become more competitive, improve and grow.


3. We support you through the change

When you are ready to apply the strategies, the Business Adviser will work with you for up to twelve months.



Working in partnership with the Australian Government to assist with delivering services for the Entrepreneurs' Programme