Want to gain trust? Start with the media

Guest author Lisa Kniebe shares why building customer trust should be a priority for every small business owner — and why for new businesses, it’s crucial.

Here’s How Free Publicity Helps to Build Customer Trust

Building customer trust should be a priority for every small business owner, but for new businesses it’s crucial. Why? Because without trust customers won’t buy from you!

Trust is the first step of building a relationship that will position you as their go-to service provider. In person we use heaps of non-verbal cues to get a ‘feel’ for someone, but how do you build trust online when all those non-verbals are missing?

One simple way to increase trust online is to be featured in the media.

Image: Rodion Kutsaev

Image: Rodion Kutsaev

How does publicity increase trust?

The news is the voice of authority which we’ve been trained to trust from childhood. Although the media has changed in recent years, being featured in a newspaper or an online new site continues to build huge authority around your brand. Why? Because you’ve been verified as ‘the expert’ by a third party.

And, journalists are actually looking for news stories from you.

With the arrival of online news, the demand for stories is massive, so when you write a press release your chances of being published are higher now than ever.

How do you contact the media?

Writing a press release is the accepted way to contact the media. Here’s what Australia’s top SEO Copywriter Kate Toon says about press releases:

“A press release is a written document that provides newsworthy information about recent events, coming events, product launches and anything particularly sexy or exciting.”

Are you confident to write a press release?

As a busy business owner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to writing a press release. It’s a job you procrastinate over, it slips down the to-do list and gets forgotten.

You’re not alone in this, which is why free publicity for your business puts you ahead of your competitors. They’re still procrastinating while you’re getting published!

Attracting media attention isn’t rocket science, and here are a few pointers to set you in the right direction:

  • Connect with journalists & follow them on Twitter
  • Piggy-back onto trending topics
  • Look for a newsworthy angle
  • Find ways to add value with free tips
  • Know what your target audience are reading
  • Write in the third person

Want to learn more?

Build your confidence, hone your skills and get pro tips from Perth top copywriter Lisa Kniebe, as she reveals the secrets to attracting free publicity for your business. In this live and interactive workshop you’ll discover how to target your audience, write a press release and find a newsworthy angle for your business. It’s a hands-on collaborative experience designed to build confidence and unlock the power of free publicity for your business.

About the author

Lisa Kniebe is a writer who specialises in website content writing, bringing a broad spectrum of experience to her work. Fascinated by human behaviour she credits her copywriting success to an empathetic obsession with wanting to ‘get in other people’s shoes’ and know what makes them tick. Her uncanny ability to sound like she swallowed a dictionary along with her degree in English have made her a sought after speaker, writer and educator.

She has pursued her love affair with language throughout her life, having been a poetic nurse, an excited teacher and a published parenting blogger! Lisa established Stella Polaris Copywriting to empower the business community to embrace the world of content marketing and provide a trusted point of reference to navigate this ever changing landscape.


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