Another NEIS Success Story

Looking after the Earth,one
household at a time!


At 50 years old and unemployed for the first time in her life, Mary Jane certainly hadn’t thought a humble food wrap would be the key to unwrapping a new chapter in her life.

You see Mary Jane has embraced sustainable living in her own home but felt passionately about bringing more sustainable solutions to regular Aussie households. A chance discovery after meeting a local bee keeper put an untapped resource in her path – pure local beeswax. 

It wasn’t long before she was experimenting in her kitchen replacing plastic wrap for beeswax impregnated cloth wraps. From there she crafted a unique blend from West Australian wax, organic jojoba and coconut oils, and natural dammar gum, to impregnate into 100% cotton and began completely replacing plastic wrap with Waxiwraps.


As this was unfolding in Mary janes kitchen, life changed dramatically for her when her government contract wasn’t renewed, and she found herself facing an uncertain future. It wasn’t until this crossroads in life that she thought seriously about the business potential for Waxiwraps.

Following a conversation with Vicki Brown from the local Small Business Centre in Albany Mary Jane learned of the NEIS program. She knew her friends and family were already raving about her Waxiwraps, so she decided to take the next step start her own business, joining NEIS in March 2017.

 “I would recommend NEIS to anyone thinking about starting their own business. It was a great way to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a viable business. I found creating a business plan extremely helpful along with the work on price and positioning.”

Mary Jane regularly refers to the information she developed on her NEIS training and found the ongoing mentoring provided extremely helpful as she took her business to market.

“It’s one thing to have a business idea and even create a business plan, but when you are actually living and working in your business on a daily basis, that’s where the support becomes invaluable.”

Some of the challenges Mary Jane faced are common to all small business owners; the isolation of working alone from home, the overwhelm of new information and leaning how to project finances and budget. Mary Jane was proactive in addressing these areas in her life, taking simple steps to stay connected.

“I had regular contact with friends, swimming every morning and to ensure I didn’t feel isolated. I also joined my local swim girls for a morning coffee – this was akin to the social aspect of being in a regular job.”

Waxiwraps combination.jpg

After operating successfully for over 12 months Mary Jane is loving having her own business. She regularly networks with other small business owners and provides encouragement and support for others.

“I feel so very fortunate to be working in my own small business. I love the flexibility of working to the rhythm of my own life: being around for my young adult sons as they come and go from home rather than being a slave to the clock is a priceless gift I appreciate every single day.”

If you have an idea for a business of your own, Mary Jane is a great believe in taking action.

“Don’t sit and procrastinate! Get down to your local business advisory start the conversation. If your business idea is sound and fills a gap in the market, then GO FOR IT! Don’t be afraid; I chose to dive in and ‘go hard for a 12 months’, and it’s been the best decision I ever made!”

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