Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity at the firm level. It provides industry experts and financial assistance to eligible small and medium size companies.

Business Foundations delivers two elements of the programme; Business Management and Innovation Connections. Get in touch with your local advisor or facilitator.

For more information on the Entrepeneurs’ Programme, visit www.ep.businessfoundations.com.au

Connections to researchers – and up to $50,000

Collaborating with researchers can help you develop new products and processes that boost your competitiveness. Our Innovation Facilitators can help you define potential projects and provide recommendations and support to work with the best researcher for your needs. A grant of up to $50,000 is available to pay for part of the project. For examples, see our brochure.

Jim Grigoriou
Jim GrigoriouInnovation Facilitator

0429 122 523

Andrew Richardson
Andrew RichardsonInnovation Facilitator

0438 529 288

Ken Green
Ken GreenInnovation Facilitator

0467 769 267

Gary Colquhoun
Gary ColquhounInnovation Facilitator

0458 011 855

Business Advice – and up to $20,000

Our Business Advisers can provide you with tailored advice about the management of your business – covering topics such as operations, finance, sales, marketing and business models. A grant of up to $20,000 is available to help implement the recommendations.

Angela Doyle
Angela DoyleBusiness Adviser
Perth WA
0405 390 059
Don Geare
Don GeareBusiness Adviser
Bunbury WA
0447 955 498
Gabor Hernadi
Gabor HernadiBusiness Adviser
Perth WA
0417 985 075

The Programme uses quality facilitators and advisors, drawn from industry, to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competitiveness and productivity. The primary focus is on providing access to the best advice and networks to solve business problems, rather than focusing on financial assistance.

Business Foundations has dedicated EP advisors who can give expert and specific support to your business in one of the following Growth Sector fields:

Advanced Manufacturing

Businesses that adopt innovative technologies or business practices to improve or develop manufactured products, processes or services.

This includes the adoption of improvements or innovations across any of a range of manufacturing steps, such as concept, research and development, design, production, logistics, marketing and after-sales services, in order to achieve high-value products, services or business outcomes, including improved responses to market demands.

Businesses that supply integral services, technologies or inputs to the manufacturing processes of businesses described above.

Food and Agribusiness

Businesses dealing with agricultural produce and services required in farming.

Businesses that transform raw materials or ingredients into food or beverages, or supply integral services, technologies or inputs for food or beverage production.

Businesses that provide integral services, technologies or inputs to support primary production of food and beverages.

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals

Businesses that develop or produce therapeutic, medical or pharmaceutical products or technologies, including complementary medicines.

Businesses that provide integral services, technologies or inputs to the development and production of therapeutic, medical or pharmaceutical products or technologies.

(This definition excludes businesses that are hospitals, medical and other health care services, residential care services, social assistance services and retailers of medical and pharmaceutical goods, except where they can demonstrate they also substantially undertake the above activities.)

Mining Equipment, Technology and Services

Businesses in mineral exploration, extraction and mining supply chains, including businesses that provide integral services, technologies and equipment for mining and minerals extraction.

Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

Businesses engaged in the exploration, development and extraction of energy and fuels from oil, gas, coal and uranium.

Businesses that provide integral services, technologies and equipment for use in oil, gas and energy resource sectors.

Enabling Technologies and Services

Businesses that provide enabling or supporting technologies, inputs or services to drive business growth or improve business competitiveness in one or more of the five Growth Sectors listed above.

Enabling technologies and sectors include: freight and logistics; infrastructure related construction and services; information and communications technologies; digital technologies; and professional services.

The definition also includes other businesses that enable or support one of the five Growth Sectors through a direct commercial relationship, but excludes routine business operational activities such as legal advice, financial accounting/bookkeeping services, catering and insurance.