Business Foundations Specialist

Business Foundations Specialist Services

When you need a smart solution to a complex problem

Business Foundations’ Specialist Services are built on the accumulated knowledge over our 21 years’ experience in supporting the WA business community with hands-on practical advice.

The service is designed for small and medium businesses applying specialist expertise to specific problems, giving you access to high quality specialist advice without the commercial price tag.

We achieve this by integrating relevant, free, government-funded services into all specialist advisory projects to create a service package that suits your specific needs.

We are not for profit…we are for helping

Our aim is to provide help that suits your particular circumstances regardless of the assistance being funded by government or being fee based. To this end, we will incorporate suitable government-funded services into any advisory projects wherever possible, which delivers the maximum benefit to your business at minimum cost.
Business Team

Unique specialist team approach

Unlike traditional business consultants, Business Foundations Specialist Services provides a range of targeted services. We can form Project Teams of technical experts – Specialists — to deliver actionable results meeting your organisation’s specific needs.

Industry experience and technical knowledge

In addition to being subject experts, the Specialists on your Project Team are carefully chosen for in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of your industry and market. They each have years of outstanding expertise advising organisations of your size and delivering targeted, comprehensive solutions that meet your requirements.

Learning new skills

Teaching and learning is integrated into all projects, building lasting internal capabilities in your organisation. During our engagement, we work alongside your key people allowing them to acquire new knowledge, take ownership of any changes and implement them to their full extent. Most importantly your people and organisation will learn the specialist know-how to manage and profit from the changes beyond the conclusion of our engagement.

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