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Understanding your Financials “Breakfast Seminar”

Learn what the numbers mean and what actions you can take to improve them. Do you know what the break-even point is for your business? The difference between profit and cash in the bank? The secrets of successful reporting.

Present to Influence “Sundowner”

The Art of Communicating Your Value So, you want your pitch to shout ‘buy me’? Or to shape opinion? To network more effectively? Or to build trust and influence potential clients?

Improving your website SEO “Sundowner”

Everybody wants to get on page one of Google, but it's incredibly competitive these days. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do yourself to improve your ranking on Google search.

Social Media – The Big 3 “Hands On”

Join the online conversation: Pick up some tips to rev up your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.