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How to Forward Plan Your Own Annual Marketing Calendar for 2018

Let's work up an annual calendar to future-proof the peaks and troughs. You will stop wishing you had put some extra marketing in place and avoid the stress of "late night/last minute" marketing when you are busy!

Intro to XERO – Cloud Based Computing

Learn how to set up a new business using XERO, look at the various packages that XERO has available and work through the basics of running your business through XERO.

Create Your Own Free Graphics to Brand Your Business – It’s Easy With Canva!

Learn how to create great looking graphics for flyers, social media covers/posts, web banners, memes and infographics at no cost using the excellent software tools on Canva.

How to Market Your Business on a Budget


There are plenty of simple DIY marketing strategies you can put in place that will maximise your marketing without breaking the bank.

Leveraging Marketing From Your Business Facebook Page

Already have a Facebook Business page? Facebook is your opportunity to brand yourself and broadcast out to your prospective and existing buyers.

Starting Your Business Facebook Page From Scratch


Social media is a level playing field, it costs you nothing to get started so big and small businesses can get the same exposure.

Unlock the Power of FREE Publicity

Discover the secret to free publicity with proven steps that get you published. Learn how to cultivate a plan for publicity that helps to raise your profile, generate leads and boosts your search engine optimisation!

Present to Influence

The Art of Communicating Your Value So, you want your pitch to shout ‘buy me’? Or to shape opinion? To network more effectively? Or to build trust and influence potential clients?