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Rachel Riggs, Creative Director – Yardworks Art

Q & A with business Foundations NEIS participant Rachel Riggs who recently opened Yardworks Art. Rachel is turning her passion into a small business with help from Business Foundations.

Melissa Verdouw, Co-founder fashion label Leo Strange

During her time in India Melissa developed the seeds for her latest business, an ethical high-end fashion label made using natural dyes and banana silk fabrics.

The wheel turns for Captain Walker’s Bicycles

Drew Walker is one of the NEIS success stories at Business Foundations. Find out how he turned the wheel from unemployment to his dream business.
Drew Walker had worked for other people for several years but decided he wanted to be his own boss as he believed he could do a better job.

A friend told him […]

Sleepwear business becomes an overnight success

Angela Hollow turned the sleepless, sweaty nights that are the dreaded symptom of menopause into a breakthrough business idea.
Searching for her own solution to swapping the sheets up to four times a night Angela discovered special microfibres used in fabric that could draw the wetness away from the body – a principle known as wicking.
After […]