Mira Rao is no stranger to the business world. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, she made it her life mission to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, who managed his own business in India.

With a little help along the way from her self-employment New Enterprise Incentive Scheme mentor, coupled with her passion for serving others, Mira now owns and manages her own consultancy business, Audacious Enterprise.

I offer coaching and consulting services for small businesses in the creative arts and wellbeing sectors,” she says.

The most rewarding thing is when I get to make a difference to somebody who is bored, or burnt out, or frustrated, or lost, or procrastinating and who is not finding business fun

With the flexibility and freedom of creativity that comes with owning her own business, Mira adjusts her content to meet each client’s needs, which allows her to share moral advice about business strategy.

She says the initial idea to start her own business was born out of the challenges she faced in obeying “immoral instructions” when working for others, requiring actions she felt were unethical.

After years of freelance and contract work overseas, as well as managing a yoga studio in Bali, Mira joined the NEIS program through Business Foundations with the intent of running a business with integrity.

She believes the NEIS program has helped her fulfil her ambitions and says the most rewarding aspect now lies helping others find their feet in the corporate world.

Expansion is on the cards with a new partnership in bloom and plans underway to expand online as well as offer group consultancy courses.

Her advice to others is to find the balance between ideas and the demands of consumers.

“A business works when we find that sweet spot,” she says.

“It is the spot between our passion and identity about what we want, and what is actually needed and wanted by the world.”