Angela Hollow turned the sleepless, sweaty nights that are the dreaded symptom of menopause into a breakthrough business idea.
Searching for her own solution to swapping the sheets up to four times a night Angela discovered special microfibres used in fabric that could draw the wetness away from the body – a principle known as wicking.
After extensive research Angela took her findings one step further and designed her own range of sleepwear and bed linen to bring relief to women who share Angela’s menopausal symptoms – and so was born Sweaties Sleepwear.
Angela uses a combination of microfibre and high quality terry cotton that draws perspiration away from the body and keeps the body temperature cool.
To further her idea Angela faced another conundrum of middle-age which was to overcome her concerns of being a ‘mature- aged’ student and enrol herself in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) through Business Foundations.
Angela said the thought of sitting in a classroom and studying at her age was completely overwhelming but she was quickly put at ease by the professional trainers on the NEIS Program.
“We covered so many facets of business development that it helped me to get up and running. And the continued encouragement provided by monthly mentoring sessions has kept me going 18 months later,” she said.
Angela’s key driver has been the passion she has for her product and the benefits she has experienced firsthand, as well as the many women who share her story.
Through customers and interested medical professionals she has found that some drug therapies and chemotherapy treatments as well as other medical conditions can also bring on excessive night sweating.
Angela has created an on-line store at and now has customers from all corners of the world. She promises a full refund for dissatisfied customers yet has never had a return.
Her greatest business challenge has been commanding the internet and understanding the behaviours of on-line shoppers and using appropriate key-word search mechanisms to keep her website at the top of Google search engines.
She supports her on-line marketing efforts with trade shows and traditional sales and marketing techniques that direct traffic to her website.

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