After 20 years of management and senior management looking after private, state and national companies, and a strong background in sales and leadership; Emmanuel Lardis knew his years of experience and knowledge could be used to assist others.

His working life had been spent successfully leading people and building other people’s businesses, and this motivated him to build his own training and consultancy business.

In May 2013, Emmanuel took a leap of faith and applied for the self-employment NEIS program.

“I was very successful building people and businesses as a leader and I wanted to impart my knowledge and experience to help my clients,” he says.

“I realised early that to grow the businesses I was responsible for, I needed to build my people. I understood that training and development was the key to a successful business.”

Emmanuel’s idea was to start his own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with the focus on customising Certificate IV training in a form that was relevant to the client’s workplace. He also wanted to develop the SMART Business Programs, based on everything he had learned and applied in the workplace.

The result is Logicus Training Solutions, a business that allows him to work with others to help them take the next step.

“The programs centre around what are considered to be some of the most important growth processes of any business: sales, customer service and business coaching,” Emmanuel says.

Now in the second year of trading, Emmanuel admits that operating a start-up business has had its own challenges, and it has been tricky at times to operate and develop the skills needed to grow.

But with ongoing support, mentoring, training, professional development and outsourcing, he has managed to overcome these hurdles and has found success along the way.

He has recently applied to add another Certificate IV and Diploma level qualification to portfolio of courses. He engages two trainers and an administration person, and has with clients ranging from small and medium businesses to larger corporates.

“In 2014 we won five major WA Business Awards and a National Award for our customer service,” Emmanuel says.

“I was recognised as one of WA’s most influential business people of 2015 and we continue to be recognised and applauded for our dedication to our clients and the market.”

His business highlights include the first day of becoming an RTO, signing up his first client and auspice agreement, and the satisfaction that comes when seeing money show up in his account.

“It has not been smooth sailing and we anticipate more storms ahead,” he says.

“But with perseverance, hard work and tenacity, we will get to our destination as the preferred training and business solutions provider with a world-class reputation of excellence.”