The greatest barrier Susan Broughton faced in starting-up her small business was overcoming the stigma of fronting up at Centrelink and asking for help.
The motivation for the University-educated, former Certified Financial Planner was a belief in her business idea and encouragement from friends and family.
Susan was referred to Business Foundation’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) and with their support she launched Journey to Abundance, a Fremantle-based business that helps women to believe they can make better financial choices.
“I’d seen so many successful, talented and amazing women whose money wasn’t working for them and it was causing them stress and preventing them from doing what they wanted to do,” Susan said.
“Women are different to men – equal yes – but different. Most women are more emotional and make decisions based on their emotional response and while a lot of women know what they want to do with their money I could see that I could help them overcome some of the emotional obstacles they faced to taking action.”
Susan said people with professional backgrounds who wanted to start out alone could benefit from the teachings and mentoring offered by the small business professionals at Business Foundations.
“I’d worked in businesses large and small but didn’t realise the practicalities of having a business of my own like the legal and insurance implications,” she said.
“The mentorship provided by Business Foundations was also incredibly important and, while my business is unique, it helped me to have someone from the outside take an educated view.”
Susan said her mentors provided the encouragement she needed when her new business began to overwhelm her and helped to focus her efforts on what was important right then and there.
Susan counts her success by her client’s success and when they’ve had a major breakthrough and are able to move their financial situation forward then she felt rewarded.
Further confirmation of her business concept has come with invitations to speak at conferences and on radio as an expert in the nuances particular to women and managing money.

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