House of Artisan owner Jacqui Ainsworth made the decision to re-join the workforce after years of relying on her partner to financially support the family.

With her passion for dogs and dog grooming, it wasn’t long before she found her niche after taking part in the self-employment New Enterprise Incentive Scheme through Business Foundations.

A sudden lifestyle change had left Jacqui hastily searching for a new job, but she soon realised that she could make more money from working at home instead of doing long, hard hours when working for someone else.

Owning her own business not only puts food on the table for her family, she says, but also presents her with an opportunity to educate the community, and other dog groomers, on the correct methods of grooming pets.

“I am bringing something that isn’t available to customers here in Bunbury at the moment,” she says.

House of Artisan has been up and running since early December and the response has been positively remarkable.

Jacqui has even taken a young girl under her wings and provided her with work experience and training to support her animal studies at college.

“There is definitely a sense of satisfaction and pride in what we have achieved, and definitely an empowerment that goes along with that,” Jacqui says.

“I feel good that I have inspired someone already.”

Jacqui believes that the NEIS program has equipped her with all the tools to start her own business and has enabled her to transform her passions into a successful enterprise.

“I also found my mentor incredibly inspiring,“ she says.

“When you have somebody that knows what small business is about and is inspiring you in the way that she did for me, that was probably the most valuable thing for me.”