Momentum Coaching and Yoga’s Director Natalie Snooke has created a real sense of community at her centre in Melville — and it is that same virtue that Natalie most values from her incubation time at Business Foundations in the Old Fremantle Prison.

“It was a warm and an inviting environment – not entirely commercially focussed – rather a sharing and learning experience between staff and small businesses,” Natalie said of Business Foundations.

It’s the same culture Natalie has been developing at Momentum, building somewhere people can come for inspiration and self-learning. The business has already found a real sense of place in its community of Melville.

Natalie says Business Foundations nurtured her business through a time of great change, as she’d moved her life and business to Perth from Bunbury. Without that support, she says she’d not be where she is today.

She says the platform provided by Business Foundations was pivotal to her success.

Running 20 yoga classes, seven days a week at her own Centre is far-beyond where Natalie thought she would be in the two years since she started her small business journey.

In the incubator, Natalie says she was part of a community of business owners who provided a really good network of support and ideas.

Networking with other small business owners helped Natalie to be confident and clear about her own business.

“That one-to-one rapport provided so much. I could be having a quiet day and a conversation in the tea room with another small business owner about what they were doing would inspire me to do something different in my business,” Natalie says.

“Business Foundations also provided me with coaching and access to workshops and speakers on topics from marketing to finance and business growth.”

Training business vouchers enabled Natalie to access more training opportunities and so the growth continued.

“It wasn’t all bells and whistles – it was realistic and down to earth,” she says.

While she still faces challenges in small business, particularly with seasonal fluctuations, the perseverance that she developed from her time in prison incubator as a start-up has certainly helped.

“In my business planning I’d already predicted the fluctuation and knowing that keeps me going,” she says.

“The greatest measures of my success are how my business has been able to grow over the time, to see my ideas realised and to bring them all together.”

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